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Monday, January 6, 2014

SHELF LIFE: A Friend In Need

This is a SHELF LIFE entry with a difference, so I hope you'll indulge me.
Karen Laubenstein is someone I’ve known for a number of years now.  She’s a writer and a great champion of writers.  She headed the committee that staged Bouchercon (aka the World Mystery Convention) in 2007 in wonderful Anchorage, Alaska. 
Sadly, her husband has been diagnosed with early onset dementia and the medical costs have wiped them out.  Over Christmas, a whole host of people stepped forward with donations and help that have really turned fortunes for Karen and her family. 
And I wanted to do my bit too.  I will donate all the royalties earned on eBook version of THE FALL GUY during the month of January.  The money raised will go towards covering a trip to the Mayo Clinic scheduled in February.
I hope you'll support me by picking up the book and even if you already own the book, I hope you'll consider gifting a copy to a friend. You'll be getting an entertaining read while helping someone.  I hope that seems like a fair deal.  J
Please feel free to share this appeal on your Facebook, Twitter, etc.  Alternatively there is a GoFundMe page for the family. Thanks for listening and thanks for your support.


  1. Happy to help and look forward to discussing The Fall Guy on my blog.
    June Lorraine

    1. Thanks June. Everyone appreciates your help.